Expectations and Linguistic Meaning - Acknowledgments



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Two of the papers are published. Please quote as follows:

Paper Three:

Winter, S. & Gärdenfors, P. 1995. "Linguistic Modality as Expressions of Social Power." Nordic Journal of Linguistics 18 (2): 137-166.

Paper Five:

Balkenius, C. & Winter, S. 1997. "Explorations in Synthetic Pragmatics." In A. Riegler & M. Peschl (eds.), New Trends in Cognitive Science -97 "Does Representation Need Reality?," Vienna, Austrian Society of Cognitive Science, ASoCS Technical Report 97-01, 100-107.


Five men have provided more inspiration than anyone else to my work. I dedicate this thesis to them. They are:

Peter Gärdenfors
Christian Balkenius
Tom Andersson
Per Johansson
Talmy Givón

I also want to express my gratitude to some other people and institutions:

  • My colleagues and often friends at the Cognitive Science Department: Annika Wallin, David de Léon, Henrik Gedenryd, Agneta Gulz, Paul Hemeren, Jana Holsánová, Sofia and Linus Broström, Lukas Böök, Janne Morén, Lars Kopp, Lars Hall, Robert Pallbo, Micke Johannesson, Måns Holgersson.
  • People that have given inspiration and comments: Per Linell, Jens Allwood, Johan Asplund, Björn Larsson, Jean-Jacques Berthout, Bengt Sigurd, Lars-Åke Henningsson, Claudie Péret, Alf Hornborg, Wallace Chafe, Ronald Langacker, Dan Sperber, Dare Baldwin, Dan-E. Nilsson, Rebecca Schweder, Wlodek Rabinowicz.
  • Talmy Givón, Russell Tomlin, Colette Craig and the Ortega-Haboud family for receiving me in Eugene, Oregon, for a one-month stay.
  • People on the Internet, most of whom I never met, who kindly provided papers, theses and references: Susan Gelman, Geneviève Patthey-Chavez, Thomas Pechmann, Linda B. Smith, Ralph Miller, Robert Krauss, Justin Marshall, Stevan Harnad, Esther Goody, Jennifer Freyd.
  • The Swedish Council for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSFR), Lund University, Lundbergska IDO-fonden, Dagny och Eilert Ekvalls premie- och stipendiefond and Fil. dr Uno Otterstedts fond, for funding; Scandinavian PC Systems AB in Växjö for valuable help.
  • Alan Crozier for proofreading. Henrik Gedenryd and Magnus Haake for help with the layout and the cover.
  • And last but perhaps most my dear friends and my family.